You Can Learn MMA in Houston from our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing Black
Belt Instructors in a Safe and Non Intimidating Environment,  Plus...
Watch as it Transforms Your Body and Gets You into the Best Shape of Your Life!
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Copperfield Location
17440 FM 529 #107B
You Just Found The Best Martial Arts School
In Houston
Houston's Top Martial Arts Experts Want to Share
Their Secret Training Techniques With You....

Discover How To Reach Your Full Potential In Our
Friendly Martial Arts Classes Regardless Of Your
Age, Fitness Level, Or Experience...The Unique
Programs At Precision Martial Arts Can Help YOU

Read On To Discover How We Have Helped
Hundreds Of People Just Like YOU Turn Your
Dreams Into Reality....
Coach Tom and his Team are ready to help YOU and
Our Introductory Package Includes:
1 Week of Introductory Classes Which Allow You To Test Drive Our Academy and Make
Sure We Live Up To Your Expectations
A One on One Goal Analysis And Assessment With Our Student Counselor To Help
You Select The Best Training Program For Your Needs
Receive FREE Gloves or Martial Arts Uniform When You Enroll In Trial Program
Is Losing Weight And Getting Improving You Health One of
You Primary Reasons For Wanting To
Learn Martial Arts and
Sign Up For MMA Training

Check Out These Real Life Success Stories From Students
Who Have Lost A Ton Of Weight In Our
MMA, Brazilian Jiu
Jitsu, and Kickboxing Classes
I lost 30 pounds in the 4 months that I have
been training at Precision Martial Arts. Doing
Nothing else...just coming to class and working
out...30 pounds!

You Can Do It Too!!!

Cody Dicks
Precision Martial Arts Success Story
I Lost 50 Pounds
In 6 Months!
I've been training with Coach Tom since last
November and I actually lost 50 pounds in the last 6
months. I started at 245 pounds and I am 195
pounds now!

What other exercise allowed me to accomplish
this?? Nothing! Just 3 times per week and of
course a good diet. So the Jiu Jitsu Class is the
second component , other than good nutrition.

I've got 10 more pounds to reach my ultimate goal!
David Alfon
Precision Martial Arts Success
Are You A Parent Who Would Like To Give Your Child A Gift That Will
Last A Lifetime?

Empower Your Child With The Knowledge Of How To Stand Up To
Bullies Using Non Violent Techniques

Check Out This True Story About One Of Our Kids Who Made A Bully
Back Down Without Ever Throwing A Punch Or Kick!
I'm So Happy That WE Are Training Here
The Bully Backed Down!

I was really happy to know that he can protect himself
and yet use control not to escalate the situation. I am so
happy that we are training here and that Coach Tom
showed him a lot of good techniques and self control.
Precision MMA In Houston Frequently Asked Questions..
I am interested in martial arts, but I am a complete newbie... I am
concerned that I am going to be thrown into the "shark tank"...

- Most of our members begin with no previous training and we have a special Beginner Friendly
curriculum to help you learn martial arts in a fun and safe way.

I am a huge fan of MMA and I want to learn, but I don't want to get hit
in the face...

- No problem, many of our members are professional and obviously cannot afford to show up to an
appointment with a black eye. Sparring and competing are not mandatory at our school and we have
programs that get you into fantastic shape and teach you how to protect yourself without getting beat up
in class... For those who are interested in competing we have a system to get you there the right way.

I am really out of shape...I want to get in shape before I start martial
arts training

- The best way to get in shape for martial arts classes is to do martial arts classes. Our programs are
very beginner friendly and will motivate you to improve your health. Many people don't work out because
exercise is too hard or boring. You will not get bored in our martial arts classes and you will receive
incredible support from our instructors and fellow students.

I love kids, but I don't work to work out in a kids class

-We have classes for ages 7-60yrs old. Our classes are separated into age appropriate levels and adults
are not grouped with children. We understand that you will thrive when you surround yourself with like
minded individuals.

I think I am just too old for mixed martial arts...

-There is room for everyone at our martial arts school. We have many members who began training in
their 40;s and excel in our martial arts classes. One of our team members began training at age 45 and
won a national championship at age 54! One of our instructors Achieved his Ultimate Goal of Brazilian
Jiu Jitsu black belt at age 40! We Know that you CAN teach an "OLD DOG NEW TRICKS"!

I have a habit of starting off Super Gung Ho and then losing
enthusiasm...How do I know that I am going to like it and be able to
stick with it?

- We have an incredible track record and a 80% of the people who join our martial arts classes
successfully complete their program. We are confident in our system and we know you will love it . We
invite you to come in and try our classes to see what we are about before joining. If we are not the right
fit, no problem. We can part as friends.

My Schedule is really tight and I am not sure I can fit MMA training
into my routine

-We understand that you are busy and that's why we have the most acommodating schedule of any
school in the area. We ahve classes 7 days per week and offer early bird, lunch time, evening, and
weekend classes. We also feature showers for members who need to rush off to work or to an
appointment after class. We also feature a kids club if you need child care while you train!

I want something I can do with my family...

- You have found the right place! Whether it is our pre-k Little Ninjas program, kids program, after school
transportation program, teen class, adult class, or women's only fitness classes, there is something for
every member of the family at Precison Martial Arts in Houston. We like to say that 'Th eFAmily That
Kicks Toghether Sticks Together".

I have seen mma on TV and it looks exciting, but I am concerned
about this safe?

-While martial arts training is a sport and accidents can happen, our lessons are very safe. Our
instructors start with safety as their #1 Priority. With this mindset, injuries are rare.
12 Great Reasons Why You Should Try Precision
MMA in Houston...
Great Offer! - Test Drive our martial arts class to make sure it meets
your expectations before you join, plus get a complimentary
consultation with our student counselors
Specially designed Beginner Friendly
Introductory Courses
Free Equipment Package - If you love our class and want to
join the team on your first visit we have an Awesome Equipment Package
as a gift to welcome you to the family! It includes a uniform, t shirt,
gloves, shin pads and mouthpiece...everything that you will need to get
Safety is our Top Priority! - Every Instructor At Precision
MMA in Houston goes through an extensive training course on Student
safety and injury prevention to give our members the best training
experience possible.
Outstanding Curriculum - To take you on your journey from
novice to expert level.
Diverse Variety of Classes - We have something for every
member of the family at Precision MMA in Houston. Little Ninjas, Kids
Kickboxing, Kids Brazilian Jiu jitsu, Kids Competition Classes, MMA and
BJJ Essentials, Advanced Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  and MMA,
Teen Classes, and Team Training.
World Class Instruction - Our Coaches have been directly
taught from the best martial arts masters walking the planet, and are on
the mats daily to pass on that knowledge directly to our students. Don't
miss out on this opportunity to learn from our world class coaches

Great Faclity - We have the largest MMA Facility in Copperfield
and provide a clean and safe experience to our members. We offer top
quality training mats, a cage, 3 class rooms, a professional striking bag
system, a media center, a comfortable viewing area for parents, showers,
a great pro shop, and plentiful free parking.
Super Friendly Atmoshpere - Everybody who trains at
Precison MMA in Houston raves about how friendly everyone is. This is
a stark contrast to what you will experience at most MMA schools. You
have to come in and see it with your own eyes.
Organized Ranking System For All Levels - From
your first step into Precision MMA in Hosuton you will notice how
professional and organized we are. We track every visit and class you
take to make sure you are constantly progressing in the right direction
and know exactly what you need to do to get to the next level .
Great Hours and Availablity of Classes - Early bird,
lunch time, after school transport, evening, and weekends...nobody
offers a more complete schedule than Precision MMA in Houston.
Be Part of the Family - We are a tight knit group of martial
artists who are on a mission to be the best we can be. You will feel like
you are home every time you step foot in the door.
Instructors Dedicated To Your Success - At Precision
MMA in Houston, our dream is to help our students to achieve their
dreams. We want you to be successful and we are 100% dedicated to
your improvent!                                                                                                               
Rave Review!!
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Check Out What The
North American
Grappling Instructor of
the Year Travis Tooke
Has to Say About Our
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